Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Fierce Interdependence

by Hannah

My theme is Interdependence.  Interdependence is dependence of two characters on each other. I chose the stories, “Ode to Mi Gato” and “Stray.”
                In the story, “Ode to Mi Gato,”the author talks about how much he loves Mi Gato. Mi Gato needs the author to save him from an abandoned car. I feel this shows their fierce interdependence on each other. The author and Mi Gato had depended on each other because the author, need to love someone or something. Mi Gato needed someone to save its life.
                In the story, “Stray,” Doris saw the puppy trudging through the snow. She called it to the puppy, and the puppy came home with her. When Doris came home, she fed the puppy and gave it some water. When her parents took the puppy to the pound, Doris cried because she had saved the puppy’s life. This again shows that Doris, needed someone to love and the puppy needed someone to save its life from the winter weather.

                The theme of interdependence can teach the reader that there are many out there who need another to love or save. This theme is important because there are many stray animals that need homes with loving people. There are also many people, who need some companionship and having an animal provides the love they are craving. 

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