Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Advantages of Homeschooling

by Hannah

      The advantages of homeschooling and why I think homeschooling is better than public schools.
      Some of the advantages that homeschool has is that there is no bullying in homeschool, which is a major problem in almost every public schools. Another advantage of homeschooling is that if we start early, we finish early and public schools usually start in the middle of August and end in the end of May. Also another advantage of homeschooling is that we get sleep in to nine o clock, meanwhile other kids in public schools have to get earlier than we do. The last advantage of homeschooling that I will list is that there is one teacher that knows you already, while the teachers at the public schools has to get to know you.
         And those are advantages of homeschooling and why I think homeschooling is better than the public schools.

Monday, August 10, 2015

One of My Trips to Maryland Late posting....She still needs to edit.

One of my trips to Maryland
by Nicole

the 2nd time i went to was for my uncle's reception. We had to get up early to leave for maryland. I was the 2nd one up but the 1rst child up. After we all got up we had to get all the bags out to the car.After a little while, we had to make a lot of stops becuase of hannah, esther, and me kept on saying "we're hungry," "are we there yet" and "I have to go to the bathroom." when we got there it was night and hannah, esther, and me "we're tired" contasley. The hotel we were was near a walmart and JCPenny.After we left that hotel we went shopping for shoes for mom and me and clothes for esther for the recepetion because she had nothing pretty to wear.Then we went to the next hotel and by the time we got there it was afternoon and we checked in (we went to that hotel becuase dad got a coupon from work to go to one of those hotels anywhere and we used in maryland) and unloded all of our stuff and went to our room (our room had a balcony which was near a set of stairs which lead to the parking lot).then we went out and went walking around Washington D.C. before heading back to the hotel to get some rest. When we woke up we went downstairs to have breakfeast and the went back up to our room to read and drink.  Then when we were finshed we went to our cousins house and played a game that had the playset as an carnival we used leaves as tickets that we found near the playset, the tire swing as a vortex coaster, and the swings as a swing coaster while the parents talked.then we took th two cousins who wanted to go and there names are Alexandra and Lucy.When we left we went to a McDonalds and had some food and a ice cream cone most of us finshed our ice cream cone in the car and mom said in the "wow, Lucy you're a slower eater than Nicole (me)". once we got there, there were no parking spaces and a lot of us had to go to the bathroom and so mom asked dad "if he would drop us off to go to the bathroom and he could go and find a parking spot."After we went to the bathroom we went through the gift shop and got a few things like the decalartion of independence and Alexandra and Lucy each got one big coin.We also made sure everybdy had a flavored water (we actullay made sure everybody had a water in the car and then flavored it) and started walking.After a little while Esther strated to complain she said "are we finshed yet". While we were walking our uncle and our other cousins were watching a football game. after we visted the last mounment we were going to see we started walking to the car and after a little while walking to the car Esther started to complain again this time Esther said "are we there yet".By the time we got to our cousins house only aunt laura and her sister was there so we let the parents talk and went downstairs to the basement to play after eating pizza for supper.then we went back to the hotel to get some rest. In the morning we all got up and got dressed to go down stairs and have some breakfeast and do a little more walking before the reception.Once we were finshed walkig we went back to the hotel to get dressed up for the reception.
once we got there we were the first ones to arrive while they were still preparing.Soon after almost all of people arrived my cousins T.J, sammy, lucy, and alexandra arrived then my aunt and my uncle arrived. Alexandra and Esther tried all kinds of food and when Esther tried the shrimp in cocktail suace and said "I will not eat anymore seafood".We all tried the shirley temple and we all liked it even if my dad told  Hannah, Esther, and me to drink it . the shirley temple is made out of sprite, canberry jucie (any flavor), and grapefruit jucie.Once we got down to the dining area we had to take our cards to get in and get our table.Table i was at there was only one boy and7 girls (inculding my self).the table i was sitting at was pink table with lots of pink candy.When came over he asked for a peice of candy alexandra wouldn't let but the rest of us helped him get a peice of candy.Before the main course we got up alot mostly because we went to the photo booth and we had lots of fun with each other. once the meal camewe ate it then got up again to go to the photo booth again but this time more of us went there.Once it was over we went back to the hotel to get some rest. in the morning we packed up after eating breakfeast checked out and then loaded up the car so we could go to our cousins house before heading home we had lots of fun at there house because we played while the parents talked. that was the most fun time i had.