Thursday, July 25, 2013

My Cat

by Nicole

When    I   got    Houdini,  he    was   a   stray    and    we    had     to     name   him.
His    name   had   to    be    Prince     Naveen,    Esther    named     him.
We    had     to     name     him     lots   of    times, because he kept on doing stuff that required a new name.
How    he    got   the    name    Rotten.
We   had     to    pay   a     fortune    to   get    his   balls    cut     off    and    get    shots.
He    escaped    out   of    the     house    once   and     he    escaped     again.
Houdini    likes    boxes     and    bags.
He  likes    to     look   out    the      windows     and     hunt.
He    likes    to     hunt     birds   and    rabbits.
He   likes     to     attack    Lucky (my mom's cat).
He  also    likes      to      attack     Lily (Esther's dog).
Houdini     likes     to      escape.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My Dog

By Esther

I've always wanted a dog now I have a dog named Lily, but I call her Lil.
I still will never forget the time that we got her she is so cute I love her.
Last summer my mom and Nicole went to go get a dog, my mom and Nicole went to vet's to ask something on how munch the dog will cost. Nicki saw a sign that had a dog on it when mom was talking to the people about a dog, the person just by the counter said that we have a dog that's what got mom so happy.  
Mom and Nicole went to go pick me and Hannah up from basketball camp, Nicole told me the news on the dog.  We got Lily from the vet. Lily loved her new home.
Then the cats freaked Lily out. We got one more cat with the longest name in the house which I do not want to say.
The first leash she chewed though, her 2 leash she hasn't  chewed through.
She goes crazy with bunnies she almost broke her neck we got her halter back on her.
I love my dog so much, my friend  wants to steal her.  You now know about my dog!!!!!!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Esther is a Girl's Name

by   Nicole                                                                                                                          

Esther   is   a    girl    name.   There    is    a   story    about     Esther    and  I   would    like     to   tell      you.  There   girl     named    Esther    who   is  a   Jew     and  the    king    banished    his
queen   and    had    to    find     a    new     queen.  Esther became   his      queen.

The King favored Esther very much. He had an advisor who hated Esther's cousin (who had cared for her, since she is an orphan). This advisor conned the King into banishing all of the Jews. The King had agreed. Esther was convinced that to save her cousin and all the other Jews, she needed to go to the King and convince him that this was wrong. She finally did this and saved all the Jews.

Reticulated Pythons

by Hannah

The   reticulated   pythons   are  constrictors   and   non   poisonous,   but    deadly.   Reticulated   pythons   can   also  be  pets.    Reticulated   python    can    grow   to   25   feet.   Young    reticulated   pythons   eat   rats,  mice,   birds,   and   lizards   in    the    wild,   when   they    get   older   they   eat   deer,   bigger  birds,  and    pigs.  Reticulated   pythons   can   live   25   years  or   even   more.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Rude Boys

by Esther

Today I was called a mean name 2 times by a mean boy.
He had a very nice brother, who was very shy.
The 2 names were big butt, little pecker. He thought that was a way to play with us.
Now, he doesn't get to play with us, he got punished. We left to go home.
I don't want to tell you about the punishment.
Never talk to rude boys. Never ever. Never play with them.
I've learned my lesson on rude boys, time to learn yours.

Friday, July 12, 2013


By Hannah
  The   first  time  I  held  a  snake was  at  the  Cincinnati  Zoo.   After   the  Cincinnati  Zoo,  I  went   to   the    reptile   show.  I  saw  a  lot  snakes  there.   I   held   corn  snakes,   ball  pythons,  even   a   reticulated  python.  But   I   sometimes   wonder   how   long    I   been   waiting  for   a    snake.   The   reptile   show    is    coming   on   Sun.  and    it   costs  5.00.  I   can   handle   lots   of    snakes.  

From mother dear: Cincinnati Reptile Show

Thursday, July 11, 2013


by Nicole

Pokemon   is      cool.    I    have   1   water    type,  1    ground    type, 1   star   type, 1   flying    type, and   1    shadow     type.    Don`t    make   fun   of    a  girl    even    if    she   likes    Pokemon.  

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I got some new pokemon cards for my birthday at Target

From Esther

Aunt Marilou and Uncle Harry gave me Target gift card for my birthday. Thank you Aunt Marilou and Uncle Harry.  It was worth $25.00. We went to Target to buy some stuff, first we went to the $1.00 aisle where we got some candy! Next we went to the get my Pokemon cards. I got 40  Pok√©mon cards and some protective sheets. It cost $25.33, I paid the dollar part and mom paid the cents. I hope I get some more Pokemon cards!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Girls Learning Space

I will be homeschooling my girls this year. They will be writing on this blog to share their thoughts and practice their writing and organization. They will have a day each week to write on this blog. They can have more if they want, but they will have one day that they will have to blog. They will learn how to write to a blog and make changes. They will be sharing this one and it will be reviewed and cared for by me (their mother) so that they are safe. Friends and relatives are asked to be kind. This is a learning spot. Each girl has her own style. Each girl has her own likes and ways of learning. This will be interesting for all of us. Please note that I will moderate comments and will remove any that are inappropriate. I will also make sure that they don't see them. - Mary