Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My Dog

By Esther

I've always wanted a dog now I have a dog named Lily, but I call her Lil.
I still will never forget the time that we got her she is so cute I love her.
Last summer my mom and Nicole went to go get a dog, my mom and Nicole went to vet's to ask something on how munch the dog will cost. Nicki saw a sign that had a dog on it when mom was talking to the people about a dog, the person just by the counter said that we have a dog that's what got mom so happy.  
Mom and Nicole went to go pick me and Hannah up from basketball camp, Nicole told me the news on the dog.  We got Lily from the vet. Lily loved her new home.
Then the cats freaked Lily out. We got one more cat with the longest name in the house which I do not want to say.
The first leash she chewed though, her 2 leash she hasn't  chewed through.
She goes crazy with bunnies she almost broke her neck we got her halter back on her.
I love my dog so much, my friend  wants to steal her.  You now know about my dog!!!!!!

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