Friday, July 12, 2013


By Hannah
  The   first  time  I  held  a  snake was  at  the  Cincinnati  Zoo.   After   the  Cincinnati  Zoo,  I  went   to   the    reptile   show.  I  saw  a  lot  snakes  there.   I   held   corn  snakes,   ball  pythons,  even   a   reticulated  python.  But   I   sometimes   wonder   how   long    I   been   waiting  for   a    snake.   The   reptile   show    is    coming   on   Sun.  and    it   costs  5.00.  I   can   handle   lots   of    snakes.  

From mother dear: Cincinnati Reptile Show


  1. Wow.... Hannah you are one very brave girl. There is no way I could see myself holding even one snake.
    Thank you for sharing your adventure. I will look forward to reading about your other adventures.