Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Day We Got a Dog

by Esther

One day in June I woke up really early because today me and Hannah were going to basketball camp. My mom and my little sister were at the vet that put down one of my cats. My mom was asking about how much would it cost to get a dog from the pound and the shots. Nicole saw a poster that showed a dog that needed a home.

Me and Hannah were busy playing a basketball game at our church when mom and Nicole came, it was my team, the Nukes vs Hannahs team. It was at the end of camp to. My little sister told me that we were going to get a dog from the vet's.

We went home and got my dad and went to the vet and met Lily the dog that is with use as a hunting dog with 3 mixes so she was a mutt. When we saw her we all said yes and we got her.

We all went to a pet store to get all the stuff a dog would need. She got a dog bowl for her to eat out of. When we got home Lily was so happy to be in a new home one of the cats didn't like her yet. So she got hissed at, then all the cats loved her so much. That's the story of the time I got a dog.