Tuesday, September 30, 2014


by Hannah

         Telephones, light bulbs, and automobiles, and how they all played a part that changed life in the U.S. First, I will talk about the telephone invented by Alexander Graham Bell.  Next, I will talk about the light bulb invented by Thomas Edison. Finally, I will talk about the automobile invented by Henry Ford.
          The telephone invented by Alexander Graham Bell, can be used to communicate across the country, one person to another. Another interesting fact it helps people communicate faster. In the past, if people wanted to communicate, they had to write letters and it would be months before there was a response. With the invention of the telephone, people could talk right away.
The light bulb invented by Thomas Edison was used to light up homes and factories. Another interesting fact is that people had to use gas lamps or candles to work at night, which made it harder to work at night. When Edison made the light bulb, it was easier to work or study at night. People started to stay up later, worked later or studied later. The light bulb allowed people to do more work.  
 The automobile invented by Henry Ford can travel far distances faster, than horse and buggy.  It usually takes horse and buggy longer to reach their destination. Another fact is that people can go on more pleasure trips in a car.

            The conclusion is that the inventions changed the lives of ordinary Americans. It allowed changes that can still be seen today. 

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