Saturday, September 13, 2014

Cat Stories

by Hannah

Cat Stories
                All the authors show how cats go off and be by themselves and are autonomous. In “The Naming of Cats,” the author talks about how a cat has a name we will never know. In “The Cat Who Played Robinson Crusoe,” the author shows how the cat went off for his morning nap, away from the family, making it possible for him to be lost. In “Ode to Mi Gato,” the cat sits with him with a rumbling purr, is white as spilled milk, and at night, he goes outside to hunt. In “Rum Tum Tugger,” just goes off doing his own, alone. In “The Cat and The Moon,” the cat goes off doing things like hunting mice.  

All the authors love and care about their cats, even though they have different views of them. In “Ode to Mi Gato,” the author talks with great feeling about the good qualities of a cat. In the story, “How a Cat Played Robinson Crusoe,” the children were crying because they had lost their cat who was part of their family. From the story, “Rum Tum Tugger,” Rum Tum Tugger is described as curious and he’ll leap on your lap. In the story, “The Cat and the Moon,” the author was comparing his cat to the moon, like some people do when they love their cats. In the story, “The Naming of Cats,” the author wants to show how a cat can have three different names. 

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