Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Lesson of Greed and Selfishness

by Hannah
The lesson is greed and selfishness will not stand without a punishment. I will choose “The Magic Prison” and the “The Story of Baba Abdalla.”
                In “The Magic Prison,” Prince  Harweda  was  greedy, selfish, and  didn’t care  much  for   anyone except  for  himself. Then, his  fairy  godmother  brings  to  a  house  that  she  made.  He  saw  many sweet  treats,  mirrors  and  windows  both  the  same  width.  Prince  Harweda  started  looking  at  himself  in the  mirrors  and  the  mirrors  started   growing  wider  and  windows  started  growing  narrower  until there was  no light.  Prince   Harweda   was   trapped   in   the   magic   prison   along with   a  little  bird.  So he started taking care of the little bird by giving it food, water, and freedom.  By then   Prince   Harweda   is   caring   for   others   and   selfless.                                                        
      In “The Story of Baba Abdalla,” Baba Abdalla was a great and powerful king who had money.  One day, Baba Abdalla met a merchant who asked for eighty camels, they each get forty camels.  Baba  Abdalla  wanted  more, so he  started  getting  more  camels,  but  still  wanted  more. So the merchant told Baba Abdalla a vase with special liquid.  If you dab the liquid in your left eye, you can see all the treasure in the world, but if you dab some in the right eye, you will become blind. Baba Abdalla did not heed the merchant’s  warning, so Baba Abdalla  dabbed  both eyes  with the  special liquid,  at  first  he could see ever treasure in the world,  then  he dabbed some  in the right eye and  became blind very fast,  now  he’s poor  and  asking to be box on the ear because of his greed  and  selfishness.                
       Both characters were greedy and selfish, so the reader can learn from the characters that greedy and selfish people will get punished. Their lesson is important because the reader greed and selfishness can be rewarded, but with a big punishment.

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