Friday, September 26, 2014

The Snake Show

by Hannah Hofacre

I usually move sluggishly in the mornings, especially on Sundays. On the second Sunday of the month, I wake up a little bit early, because I don’t want to miss the snake show.
On the second Sunday of the month, we go to the Cin City Reptile Show, at Kings Island Inn in Mason. I call it the “Snake Show.”  
“Mom, the snake show starts at 10:00 and ends at 4:00. May we please go to the snake show?” I asked kindly.
“Hannah, we try to make the ‘Snake Show’ every time it comes,” my mom replied. “But first, we need to go to church, have lunch, and then we can go to the ‘Snake Show.’”
 After we went to church and had lunch, we finally went to the “Snake Show.” When we arrived at Kings Island Inn, my mom went to the Ticket Seller and said, “3 tickets please.”
The seller said, “15 dollars, please.”
“Here you go,” my mom said.
We had our hands stamped and we went inside the “Snake Show.” Soon we started to ask questions about snakes.
“How can you tell if the snake is a girl or boy?” I asked the snake vendor.
“You can tell by feeling for the penis. If you feel it, it’s a boy and if you don’t, it’s a girl,” the vendor said.
Nicole asked, “May I hold a snake, please?”
The snake vendor said, “Yes,” and the biggest smile went across Nicole’s face.
“Esther, do you want to hold a snake?” my mom asked.
“No!” Esther said.
I held many different snakes, at the “Snake Show.” My favorite snake that I held was the corn snake. I got bit by a snake at the “Snake Show,” it’s a long story and I’ll tell it sometime.
When we left, I was sad, but I know we can come another time.

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