Monday, September 29, 2014

The Prince and The Pauper by Mark Twain

by Esther

Tom Canty is a pauper that lives in Offal Court, where all the poor families live. Tom’s father is a thief, and his mother is a beggar. His father ignored him, just as his grandmother did. Tom is honest and generous all the time.    
Tom is honest, because even though he was hungry, he wouldn’t steal from people. As the prince, he released and pardoned many prisoners under the prince’s name. The king was happy to hear what Tom said about releasing all the poor people. Tom was to be rewarded for his generosity and loyalty to Edward the Sixth.
Tom was generous, because when he was poor, he shared whatever he had with other’s poorer than he was. He released and pardoned many prisoners under Edward’s name and let them out of the tower to return their homes. When Tom told the king, about releasing all the poor people, he rewarded Tom. When the lords and ladies wanted to kill Tom, it was the king who stopped them and told Tom that he was the new king’s ward.  

What I learned is, you can only truly know about someone’s life, by living it. In the “Prince & the Pauper”, the prince didn’t truly know what life was like outside his castle walls. He didn’t know about the poor people who lived in very bad areas. He didn’t know that they were starving and stealing to get by. It was only when he traded places with Tom that he was able to learn about the other side. It was also, only when Tom became the prince that he truly understood, how hard life is for a royal, as well. 

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