Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Trickster Tales, Compare and Contrast

Trickster Tales, Compare and Contrast
 by Nicole
                A trickster is somebody that tricks people into doing stuff in return for something they’re not going to give to the person. I’m going to discuss Brer Rabbit and the fox.
Brer Rabbit tricked Brer Fox by helping nail shingles to the roof for the winter and on purpose nailed Brer Fox’s tail to the roof, so Brer Rabbit could steal Brer Fox’s food.
              The fox was jealous of the bear’s long tail, because the bear waved his tail in the air, because he was very proud of his long tail. So, the fox tricks the bear into sticking his long tail into shallow water for the fish and the bear stayed there all night waiting for the fox to say, “now.” In the morning the fox said, “Now,” and bear saw his long tail frozen in the shallow water.
                Brer Rabbit and the fox are both animals and good tricksters; they both trick other animals with long tails. Brer rabbit has a short tail and tricks Brer Fox by using a nail and a hammer, to trap Brer Fox on the roof. The fox has a long tail and fishes with it and tricked the bear into fishing with his tail and froze off the bear’s long tail in the shallow water.

                They trick people into trouble (lots of trouble). They don’t keep promises and don’t give what they said they would do for them, if they got in trouble or did what they were told to do. 

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