Sunday, October 12, 2014

Animal Adventures

By Hannah
                In the article, “The Think Tank,” a scientist, Shumaker, says, “The most important thing to know is that they are all individuals. Just like people, they have different personalities and learning styles.” I chose to compare the dog and the orangutan. They’re different because the dog can be wary; on the other hand, orangutans are curious to find new things. I agree with Shumaker because he says that animals are like humans, they have different personalities.
Shumaker’s statement about animals being like humans, and having different personalities is true. Azy, an orangutan, works to find links. The scientist found it more interesting, when Azy made mistakes, than when he got it right. They could watch how he learned in “The Think Tank” article.
                When I read the about how dogs learn, it talked about how they are treat driven. They are not curious, like an orangutan. They will go to where the treat was the last time, and then look under the new object. Dogs are more wary than orangutans. Dogs spend whole days at home alone waiting for someone to come home. An orangutan, would find this boring.  

                I think that the scientist is correct in saying that all animals are individuals. They all learn different and have different levels of intelligence. Just as humans learn differently, so do the animals and tests need to be adapted to each species. 

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