Thursday, October 23, 2014

Compare and Contrast Essay

Winter and summer
By Hannah
I am going to compare and contrast summer and winter. Not every place in the world gets to experience winter. Winter is cold and dry, while summer is hot and humid, at least near me.  
In the winter, you wear sweaters, long pants, coats, hats, scarfs, boots, and gloves, to help you keep warm. But in the summer, you can wear on sandals, t-shirts, and shorts, because it is hot outside.
In both winter and summer, you can go hiking, swimming, play on the playground, and snowball fights. In winter, you have to put on more clothes on to go hiking and play at the playground. Also in winter, you have to go inside to swim, whereas in the summer, you can swim outside or inside. In the winter, we have snowball fights, but these are made of snow and ice. In the summer, we have snowball fights, but we use flowers called snowballs.
Winter and summer is based off of your position near the equator. If I lived closer to the equator, I would have noticed there was little or no change, it would have been summer every day, but I live far from the equator, so I get summer, winter, spring, and fall.
In the summer, you can see plants that are all green and you can see flowers outside.  Although in the winter, you can see the evergreens covered in snow and you can buy flowers that grow inside your house.
In the summer, we play baseball, soccer and tag outside. We have fun at swim meets, held at outdoor pools. In the winter, we can go sled riding, skiing, and build snowmen or snow forts. They even have Olympics for the different seasons. The Winter Olympics, showcase skiing, bobsledding, ice dancing and skating. The Summer Olympics feature water activities, like swimming and diving, running marathons, and beach volleyball.

In conclusion, even though the seasons are different, they have similarities that make their season special and fun.  Summer and winter have the beauty and the fun.

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