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By Esther
                Prometheus was the Titan of wisdom and trickery. Prometheus is Zeus’ uncle and fought with Zeus against the Titans in the Titan War.
                Prometheus was not like his brother, Atlas, Cronus’ general. Prometheus liked mankind and wanted to give mankind the gift of fire. In one myth, found in “Mythology Greek Gods, Heroes, & Monsters,” it says, that Prometheus gave mankind the fire that he stole from Mount Olympus in a fennel stalk. Another myth, found in, “Jaw Dropping Geography Fun Learning Facts about Ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses,” says he used one of Zeus’ lightning bolts.  Another myth, found in “Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods,” says that Hestia, the goddess of the hearth, helped Prometheus get the fire from the hearth of the gods.                                                                                                                                                                              When Zeus found out what Prometheus did for mankind he had a horrible punishment for him. Prometheus was bound in chains on Mount Caucasus, and each day a mighty winged eagle would appear and eat Prometheus’ liver. Each night his liver would regrow, only to be torn out again the next day. This is according to, “Mythology Greek Gods, Heroes, & Monsters,” by Lady Hestia Evans.
                Prometheus, again showed his kindness toward mankind, when Zeus demanded that men give him sacrifices. Prometheus tricked Zeus by wrapping two bundles of oxen. One was bones, wrapped in fat and the other was meat wrapped in a stomach. Zeus, chose the bundle of bones with fat for his meal and that is what men sacrificed from that time on, according to “Mythology Greek Gods, Heroes, & Monsters.”
                Prometheus was a good Greek Titan and liked by mankind for the kindness he showed to them.

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