Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Stories from the Bible

By Nicole

           I chose the character Noah. Noah is a character in “Noah and The Ark.” Noah builds an ark to save himself, his family and the animals. An important choice Noah made was to follow God, listen to God, and to be kind to others.
          The consequences for the choice Noah made have to do lots of work, like searching for food for the animals and themselves. They also have to find two of each kind of animal and bring them onto the ark. The second consequence is not having help from any of the neighbors to build the ark. The third consequence is they have to stay on the ark with the animals for forty days and nights.

       I admire Noah for his choice because he followed God; he was kind and warned people that God would bring a flood upon the village. Noah listens to God and does what God says. He’s kind to people around him and warns them of their evilness. 

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