Sunday, October 12, 2014

My Family Loves Me

By Nicole
                My family loves me very much; I decided to talk about them. My animals are a cat, another cat, a kitten, and a dog. My first animal is one my cats named, Houdini. Houdini is a black cat that likes to get on high places, like the table, the freezer, and the counter tops. Houdini also has two white spots on him and he has greenish yellow eyes that look like gold eyes. His personality is loving and playful and he is also a male cat. The next cat I will talk about is Lucky. Lucky is a female cat that is shy, loving, and playful. She is also black and has three white spots. Now, I’m going talk about my kitten his name is George. George is very playful and sometimes loving. He has brown eyes and a pink nose. All the cats are short haired strays we rescued. Next up is my dog, her name is Lily. She is a mutt, her breed is beagle, red healer, and pointer her eyes are brown and is a medium size dog that is strong.

That is all my animals, so now it’s time to tell, you about my family. First, I will tell you about myself, Nicole. I’m homeschooled and my mom is my teacher at home. We use the website that is called K-12. I have lots of work to do, because we have to a 20% at the end of this week. I have blond hair and green eyes with glasses. Next, I’m going to be talking about my dad. My dad works at Teva for money so we have a house, food, and water, so we can live. I love my dad and he loves me. Next, person I’m going to talk about is my mom. My mom is my learning coach and works with me at home. When I’m struggling my mom helps me out and she also tells me what I need to work on. My mom loves me and I love her. Now I’m going to talk about my sisters. My middle sister is Esther. Esther is my one of my older sisters.  She is also a homeschooler and has blue eyes and blond hair. She is at 20% on everything although she still struggles with math. My oldest sister is Hannah. Hannah is also a homeschooler and she has blue eyes and red hair. She likes to stay up at night watching TV or reading a book. I love my family very much and they love me, too. 

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