Friday, January 16, 2015

When Uncle Tim married Aunt Laura

by Esther

                When I first heard that Uncle Tim had finally proposed to Aunt Laura, I was more than happy. I was shouting, “Yay,” for so long and so loud for a day.
                Mom, Dad, Hannah, Nicole and I were going to Washington D.C. by a very, long car ride. We traveled through the back roads and mountains of West Virginia for a long time. 
                When we got to the hotel, I thought that it was an apartment. The name of the hotel is the Hyatt House. It had 2 bedrooms, a kitchen, a dining room, and a living room. My mom and dad got their own bedroom and our own bathroom, so did us girls and there was a hot breakfast in the mornings.
                When we got to the Willard Intercontinental Hotel, where there was a patio party before we could go to the main party room. There were cocktails on the patio with Shirley Temples and pop. I tried lots of food like chicken on a stick and shrimp with cocktail sauce. I didn’t like the shrimp with cocktail sauce at all. They had a saxophone player playing songs that we haven’t heard before.
                When it was time to go down to the main party room, we were all divided to different tables by flowers names. My sisters and I got to sit with our cousins at the daisy table with a topiary dog. When the announcer said Uncle Tim and Aunt Laura names over the microphone “All stand up for the bride and groom, Tim and Laura.” Everyone was so happy for them, that they were cheering.
We ate lots of candy while we waited for the food to come out, (lots of pink candy for the matter of fact). There was lots of dancing on the dance floor; I danced to the party rock song. There was a photo booth where we all had fun with the pictures.
                It was a great time at the Willard Incontinent Hotel and Washington D.C because we got to tour D.C monuments and to see our cousins at the wedding reception.            

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