Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Marian Anderson

by Hannah

     I want to tell you more about Marian Anderson and how her singing career got started. Marian Anderson sang at the Lincoln Memorial and the press asked, "How did your career get started?"
     "Well," Marian answered, "I'll tell you."
     When Marian Anderson was young, she sang with her family. Also, she sang at her church in the junior and senior choir. Her dad bought her a used piano, that she taught herself to play. Her church wanted to help her get farther and paid for her to be taught by vocal coaches.
     Marian Anderson traveled to different countries to sing to other people who enjoyed the music no matter what the color of the artist. When Marian returned to American she got an invitation to perform at Constitution Hall. When she got to the Hall, the DAR, who owned the Hall, took back the offer because Marian Anderson's color. Mrs. Roosevelt suggested that she sing at the Lincoln Memorial.
     "that's how my singing career got started, now any more questions?" Marian said. Marian Anderson got married and had a happy life.

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