Sunday, December 7, 2014


By Hannah Hofacre
               At some point in your life, you may have been bullied, been the bully or witnessed bullying. I was bullied for 5 years, and I know a few things about bullying. Most importantly, bullying hurts everyone and it needs to be stopped.
               Bullying is unwanted aggressive behavior found among kids, teens or adults. Bullying can happen anywhere: school, playground, bus, work or the computer.
                There are three types of bullying: verbal bullying, physical bullying, and social bullying. Verbal bullying involves name calling and insults. The physical bullying involves hitting, kicking, and spitting. The social bullying is cyber bullying, but social bullying involves leaving someone out on purpose and spreading rumors about someone.
                There are many accounts of bullying every day. I heard on the news that a 17 year old set fire to a 14 year old. The news reported that it was bullying. My sister, Esther, came home covered in spit. I always came home and I never talked to my mom, because I was bullied on the bus. I also heard that a friend of mine has been bullied, worse now in Jr. High School, than before.
                Bullying can hurt people so bad, that they can be depressed and sometimes the victims can kill themselves. Bullies are found to be dependent on drugs or alcohol when they are older. People who witness bullying are often found to need stimulants to get through a day, such as cigarettes.
                We can stop bullying if we stand together and show we are not afraid.
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