Sunday, January 25, 2015

Ben and Me Book Review

By Nicole
The title of the novel is Ben and Me. The author of Ben and Me is Robert Lawson. The story takes place in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1745.
The main characters are Benjamin Franklin and Amos. The problems Amos has is to help his family get food so they can eat. He also has to free Sophia’s children and reunite her family. Ben’s problems are having to figure out how to get the heat into the middle of the room and how to protect houses and ships from lighting. Ben also wants to find out if lighting is the same as electricity.
An important choice Ben made was to go to France and ask for money for uniforms, powder, arms, and shoes. Another important choice was trying not to cause a war between America and Great Britain.

I liked Ben and Me because it tells the history of Benjamin Franklin and to know what happened during his time. I think people should read it because they can learn what happened during his time and learn how stuff came to be by enjoying it.

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