Wednesday, November 19, 2014

White Fang

By Esther
White Fang learned the law of meat. When White Fang attacks a weasel, he was attacked by a hawk, so he learns the law of meat, which states “to eat or to be eaten.” When a lynx attacked White Fang and his mother, it reinforces the law of meat, because they killed the lynx before the lynx killed them. They were then able to eat the lynx, which would have eaten them.

White Fang became the animal he was at the end of the book, because of Weedon Scott’s kindness and his family’s love shown to him. The factors that had shaped him were Kiche, forced him out of the cave. Gray Beaver treats the dogs well, while Beauty Smith treats White Fang with abuse, to make him a fighting dog. Weedon Scott, once felt that White Fang was a vicious dog and needed to be put down, but Matt reminded Weedon that White Fang had been mistreated and would need some gentle handling. Weedon’s quiet and calm way helped White Fang become a good dog that worked well in sledding. White Fang learns that he needs to depend on people for survival, because they provide food. Later, Beauty Smith breaks into Weedon Scott’s place to steal White Fang, because he wants his fighting dog back, but Weedon Scott was the owner and White Fang was loyal to him. He also barked to save the life of Weedon Scott and to protect Alice from intruder to her home. 

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